Rejuvenate Energy Session (90m)




(Recommended for your first visit and Best Value) 

Rejuvenate sessions raise your vibration and are for clients who are searching for a deeper more transformative experience.  Sessions includes the above subconscious energy work combined with transformational coaching (insert link to Q&A) on ways to help you heal the emotional memory that has been stored, causing the imbalances in your physical and overall wellbeing. 

Sessions can include Biofield Tuning and Bio-Synchronization Techniques (B.E.S.T), intentional breath work, Reiki, and many other modalities listed here.  (add link).  

The sessions can produce a variety of results including but not limited to deep relaxation, reduced stress, anxiety, and pain, better managed symptoms, increased healing speed, and improvement to general well-being.  Sessions are deeply relaxing, and clients often report feeling lighter, more balanced, and energized.  


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